Primary Indicators: 

• #/size of species in Bay
• Reef Health and Coverage
• Water Quality

A Healthy Oracabessa Bay is an incredibly important resource for the many stakeholders on the Bay.

The Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a joint effort between the Foundation and the Oracabessa Fisherman's Group. Officially recognized by the Jamaican Government in December 2010, the sanctuary is a no fishing zone designed to help replenish fish stocks within the Bay. In 4 short years we have seen tremendous results including:  

  • 1,313% increase in fish biomass;
  • 153% increase in coral coverage;
  • 43% reduction in algae coverage;

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Coral Re-Planting

The Foundation has partnered with Dr. Andrew Ross to initiate a cutting-edge coral nursery and re-planting scheme. One of the few projects of its kind in the world, the project has proven that coral can be grown and planted in the Caribbean. We hope to replant 100,000 square metres of coral by 2020.

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Sea Turtles

The Oracabessa Foundation has also partnered with Mel "Turtle Man" Tennant to establish one of the most successful sea turtle preservation and restoration projects in the Caribbean.  With funding from the Global Environment Facility and tireless work from Mel, over 1500 sq. meters of turtle nesting habitat has been reclaimed and in 2014 over 19,000 sea turtles hatched within the Sanctuary!

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