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Two Wheels, One Love!

Very excited to announce the Oracabessa Foundation has just confirmed a US$67,000 grant from the Fetzer Institute in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Funds will be used to design the Two Wheels, One Love programme which will develop a curriculum incorporating principles of love and forgiveness into a structured BMX learn-to-ride programme. The curriculum will be rolled out to 5 primary schools immediately surrounding the Eden Park BMX Track, culminating in a Two Wheels, One Love race series at the track for those students 'graduating' through all 6 levels of the programme. Our goal is to teach 250 area youth about love and forgiveness while getting them onto the BMX track.

2,000th Coral!

The Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary passed a MAJOR milestone over the weekend. We planted our 2,000th coral in Oracabessa Bay! Funded through the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme, we’ve been at work on the project for a little over 2 years. Big day for both the Sanctuary and the Foundation!

HUGE Grant!

The Oracabessa Foundation is pleased to announce we have secured a US$200,000 grant from the CATS Caribbean Initiative. It is going to fund the start up of a SCUBA operation designed to raise money for the sustainability of the Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary!

Primary League Champs

The Championships and Award Ceremony of the Oracabessa Foundation Primary School Sports Leagues were held this afternoon. Port Maria were crowned double champions as they took both the football and netball titles. Well done to everyone!

Gosse is back!

Coach Gosse is back! He was successful on the UCI Course at the World Cycling Centre in Switzerland and has the certificates to show for it! Now to take that coaching knowledge out to the BMX track.