More People Working

Our strategy to increase the number of people in Oracabessa who have good jobs has revolved around providing vocational training so persons can be workforce ready.

More People Working 

A Healthy Bay

Jamaica has some of the most depleted fish stocks of any country in the world.  A Healthy Bay is an incredibly important resource for the many stakeholders in the community.                                   

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Positive, Engaged Youth

“Unattached” youth are a major problem across Jamaica. Our strategy is to create a positive environment where youth can find their first taste of success.

Positive, Engaged Youth ›

“When I started Island Records in Jamaica over 50 years ago, it was because I was captivated by the rhythms and the storytellers of a rich and diverse culture. Having achieved some success since then, built on the foundation of that Jamaican music, I have always tried to make it a priority to give back to the people of Jamaica.”
Chris Blackwell